When I was 6 years old I learned of a strange story that happened in our family over a hundred years ago. On the fourth of November 1912 my great-grandfather married my great-grandmother. They lived in St. Petersburg until the end of 1917. Being a renowned doctor of medicine he emigrated, planning to later take the family with him. But fate declared otherwise. She remained in Russia with a baby in her arms. He sent money and parcels. In fear of revealing her origin, she said it was a mistake and that she didn't know anyone abroad. The story is cut off, just like all the contact of my great-grandmother with her husband. It was not discussed anymore. The mystery had been sealed for decades.


Only in 1996, a messenger from France brought a ring to our house, saying that it belonged to our family. Inside the ring were all of the names of my ancestors and a memorable dates. For a year I was searching for information, researching my family history and its reflection on the life of each member. It turned out that almost all of the relationships were built on a specific scenario, which was my responsibility to change.


Today I practice psychology and psychotherapy, helping others to reconstruct the whole picture of events, regularities and find themselves, their history and their future.


I have created my own methodology - Causal Psychotherapy, because everyday I become even more convinced in the effectiveness of only an integrated approach to work.

The purpose of causal psychotherapy is to alleviate the symptoms and solve the problem, given the changing attitudes of the individual, his personality frameworks and values, while at the same time motivating the person towards new actions.


Often the clients' problems are divided in to two types: Elementary - they require immediate correction, and under-lying ones which are deeper and have more imbedded reasons,which are present on an unconscious level and that prevent psychological and physical recovery.


Throughout therapy, I use a variety of communication techniques, verbal and nonverbal, in order to accurately work with the problem and consistently eliminate it from the life of the person. During the consultation, my clients live through different states of, emotions, processes of awareness, with interest they merge in to them, calm down and understand what to do and how to act in different situations. I also teach them control of thoughts, emotions and body language.


The duration of  therapy is usually from 3 to 12 sessions, and is oriented to give long-lasting results. The meeting correlates with the complexity of the task at hand, but is usually 60 minutes.


At the end of each meeting, the clients receive exercises and assignments that allow them to work on their own, revealing their own abilities.